The Arc of Monroe Physical Therapy services are provided for anyone in need who is referred by a physician or podiatrist, including persons injured from activities to the individual with a severe orthopedic or neurological problem. It can be provided as a single service or part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Physical Therapy services can be received at the Arc Health Services Clinic or at one of our Arc of Monroe Day Habilitation Programs.


Provides a Range of
Services Including:

Evaluation of Physical Function

Evaluation of Adaptive Equipment

Applications of heat, cold, ultrasound or electrical stimulation

Therapeutic Exercise

Gait or Mobility Training Applications of heat and cold

Teaching about Body Mechanics and Daily Living Activities


Arc Health Services referral

Active Medicaid

Must be OPWDD Eligible

A prescription is needed from the PCP for this service

To learn more about this service, contact the Operations Treatment Coordinator at (585) 271-0661 or fill out the form below.

at Arc Health Services

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Meet the Physical Therapists at Arc Health Services


Kristina Brown


Allie Claflin


Tony DeLork


Elizabeth Elkins