Right fit hiring


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What is right fit hiring?

Right fit hiring is a tool to help with employee retention. Hiring well, selecting the right person for the right job helps with retention.  The key principles are: fit for the organization, fit for the team, and fit for the job.

How does the process work?

Human Resources interviews for fit within the organization. We use behavioral based questions based on our values to see if the candidate would be a good fit in our organization. Those candidates move on to an interview with a manager. The manager identifies competencies that are key to the job.  Looking at the candidate’s experience and their skill set managers interview to see if they’re a good fit for the job.

Those candidates move on to the third part of the process which is a peer interview here we use high-performing employees along with the people we support. We empower them to help us make the right hiring decision.

Retention meetings

Once we go through the right fit hiring process we’ve also instituted 30 and 90 day retention meetings. It’s just a quick comfortable meeting with the employee and the new manager, finding out how they’re on-boarding has been, who’s been helpful in the process. It gives the manager an opportunity to manage up to those employees and see if there’s anything that the manager could do to assist them.

Why the process works

If you look at retention, hiring well, making the right selection, and making sure people stay with the organization really affects all parts of the organization. You can’t have good quality outcomes if you don’t have the right people. You can’t have financial strength if you have constant turnover and you’re hiring and training and retraining. You can’t grow the organization unless you have the right people in the right jobs. The process has really strengthened our selection process.  It has empowered our high performers and I’m very confident that it’s going to help us with our retention.

Benefits of right fit hiring at the Arc of Monroe

Right fit hiring not only helps us with employee engagement because getting the right person for the team is extremely important to the employees within that department, but also to the people we support through the agency.  Right fit hiring brings a different level of fit for the position which is going to give us the ability to provide excellent care and services to the people we support and that’s our number one goal.

Karen Oliveri

Karen Oliveri

Karen Oliveri is the Chief Human Resources Officer at the Arc of Monroe.  Karen implemented the right fit hiring process at the Arc of Monroe. Interested in working for the Arc of Monroe? See all job openings HERE.